G460, G500B (BEAM PLUS VERSION 1.1-1.2 available)
BEAM Plus is a comprehensive environmental assessment scheme for buildings recognized by the HKGBC. The current version, BEAM Plus version 1.2, has been available for formal registration since November 2012.

Common Type Specification Grade
Y10 – Y50 BS4449:1988/CS2:1995 Grade 460 (Beam Plus Available)
Y10 – Y50 BS4449:2005/CS2:2012 Grade 500B (Beam Plus Available)
Y10 – Y50 64/96/M A400, A500
Ф10 – Ф50 GB1299.2-2007 HRB335 HRB335E HRB400 HRB400E HRB500
D19 – D51 JISG3112 : 2004 SD390 SD395
Ф10 – Ф43 ASTM A615 G40/60